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"And they have conquered him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony"
According to Revelations 12:11 we are to share our testimonies. That is what this page will be about. Sharing to all around us.

2013-07-01: Two ladies who both had pain, were prayed for – one had pain in the chest area (she said she had water on the lungs) and the other had cramps in her arms and legs. After praying for both, their faces lit up with genuine smiles – the pain had left them both. All glory to Jesus our King.

2013-07-01: A young lady who had such pain in her back that it had restricted movement. After praying, the young lady got up out of bed and sat in a chair – two who with her with her actually clapped their hands they were so pleased to see her moving. Praise Jesus the great healer.

2013-07-01: A man who was suffering with chest pain his whole life was prayed for. The man was quite surprised when the pain left. Praise Jesus for setting him free.

2010-10-03: In 2008 I was diagnosed with a disease called Gillian Barre. It is a sickness that weakens the nerves and muscles. I realized a strange feeling on the feet when I try to wake up in the morning. I was then hospitalized for a period of 4 months, where I was very sick.

I got better but could not walk and was confined to a wheelchair. I attended intense physiotherapy then I was on a walker then crutches until I could walk on my own.

I thank God Almighty because before I got ill I was never a born again Christian. Jesus found me during my sickness and He healed me completely. My bones, muscles and nerves are healed and I am now expecting my third child which brought a great happiness into my family. (less)
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2010-09-11: It has been a journey for me. I was diagnosed with Crohns disease, a chronic incurable ulceration of the intestines, this results in blood loss, the body unable to absorb nutrients and is obviously painful. I had to pay thousands in medical bills per month, the medicine also did not bring total remission, so I also spent a lot of money on nutritional supplements. I also had to watch what I ate as some foods would cause a flare up. I was hospitalized three times and my weight dropped from 80kg to 55kg. Everybody prayed for me and while this did offer some relief I still suffered. This carried on for a few years, sometimes I would feel better and sometimes I would feel worse. If I felt I was getting worse I would just stop eating, this was difficult to do but at least it worked.

I came to the conclusion that God does indeed want to heal me - He was my father and I was his child and what father would not want his children healthy. God was not trying to teach me a lesson or make me humble. The bible also said that if we are sick we should let the elders lay hands on us and we WILL recover (James 5:14-16). So that is what I did. I went up for prayer every Sunday and every Wednesday at the home fellowship that I attend. I thought to myself that if God would heal me he would do it properly so I decided to stop my medication and my nutritional supplements, and while I was about it I also decided to eat whatever I wanted - this was maybe a mistake because I relapsed in a big way (Do not stop taking your meds, be sensible).

I started feeling guilty for going up for prayer so often but those that prayed for me encouraged me to persist. It took a few weeks and at one point I thought this is never going to work, my health had deteriorated to a point that I thought I had ruptured my intestine. I started thanking Jesus for his perfect healing and focused on the small improvements in my health, when I deteriorated I saw this as Satan stealing my healing. I would command that Satan leave in Jesus name and that this sickness would go in Jesus name, I also prayed for protection so that Satan would not be able to steal again. I would still be prayed for each week, slowly my health started to improve, and the occurrences of relapses were longer and longer.

I have not have had any symptoms for months now, I eat what I want, I am not taking any supplements or medication and my weight is now up to 85kg. If you are suffering with sickness I encourage you to persevere until something happens. Trust in God and in what he wants for you. Jesus is truly the healer of our sicknesses and diseases. (less)
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2010-08-29: A woman was laying in her sick bed visibly in pain. She was prayed for and the pain was commanded in Jesus name to depart. The women then complained about pain in her side, she was prayed over again. She then sat up relaxed and exclaimed that the pain was gone. God is good!

2010-08-08: I would just like to testify concerning the new job the Lord provided for me and bear witness to the power of prayer. For a long time I was not very happy at work, although trying to serve the Lord, I found myself becoming very frustrated. I took this situation to the Lord and he gave me a verse which basically stated that it is right for a person to be happy and fulfilled in their work. This led me to apply for a different position at another organisation. It was a job I personally thought would be ideal for me. I asked every Christian I knew to pray about this and I was called for an interview. Again I asked everyone to pray during my interview. That very night after the interview, I was called and offered an even better job than the one I had applied for! Many people prayed that I would find favour with the interviewers and I certainly did. If there is a request to God you want to make, in line with His will, don't hesitate to ask as many people as possible to pray for your need. God tells us in his word to present our requests to Him, and he loves us and wants to bless us. Be encouraged by the fact that God answers prayer! (less) ... (more)

2010-04-25: Ecclesiastes 4:12 - A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken.
Was really encouraged when standing in the Kitchen with a colleague, someone mentioned that they had flu. Colleague says "we can pray for you". I would have been too cowardly on my own to suggest it. We did pray, right there and then! We are fast establishing a reputation at work as weirdos, but easier to be weirdos together than a lone weirdo!

2010-04-18: A Believer was praying over a person for healing for a headache, another person witnessing this miracle was amazed that it had worked. This other person tried to pray over his own knuckles that had been sore for quite some time and was amazed when the pain was no longer there!

2010-04-04: A while back, I became fearful. In every situation I felt overwhelmed with fear. I started asking God why am I full of fear. I always considered trusting God and Faith easy for me. I Believed in the Bible and the power of the Holy Spirit. God answered me in a dream. He showed me "my seeds of faith" and then he showed me "maggots". Eating up all my seeds of faith. I asked God where it came from. He showed me I was consuming my time on things of the world. I was concentrating on the worldly news more and more each day, pouring over articles and columnists writing about politics. I couldn't not stop reading. God showed me that I needed to be rather consumed by His word. "But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness" Matthew 6:33 (less) ... (more)

2010-03-28: One of our ladies has on two occasions prayed for workers in shops. One was complaining that she had a headache and the other that she was feeling fluey. And both times the people that were prayed for were so joyful when they were delivered from their aches and pains!